Kungfu Stances for Time Management

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Conquer the workplace mayhem in dragon warrior style.



Time management is one of those concepts used, or overused, by anyone who wishes to enforce some form of order and structure to life. The term itself suggests a considerable amount of self-control and self-discipline to complete tasks punctually. It demands some systematic way of dividing 24 hours into sections of productivity, rest, play, strategic planning, and whatever else needs to be done in a day.

For us at the regional marketing team at Spring, we work in a very small team, which means we have a very short reaction time to slay and kill off the items on our to-do list. Time management is no myth here. It is the very bane of our existence. Work here is exactly like conquering all obstacles – replete with dragon warrior kungfu poses.

Kungfu panda fight pose.jpg

So, let me break down what kungfu style you should adopt for each time-crunching opponent you meet.

Round one: An old enemy

This refers to the repetitive tasks that you cannot avoid. It’s simple, easy, but when more datelines start piling up, it slows you down from achieving greatness. For us doing marketing in the HR industry, that might range from finding share-worthy articles for our social media channels, posting job advertisements on social media, to making minor edits on our marketing collaterals based on what the consultants need. Not knowing how to slay these tasks efficiently might result in a career crippled by repetitive tasks.

Tai Lung - young.gifCute and cuddly at the start…

Tai Lung - old.pngMonstrous and lethal if not dealt with properly

Kungfu style: Combination of Viper speed and Mantis accuracy 

Since it’s a recurring enemy, train your kungfu stance to the point of mastery. Kill these tasks with speed and accuracy. Make sure you know your opponent well, get your counter-attack moves right and repeat when opponent is in sight. This can be easily achieved by creating design templates and having all necessary text documents at your fingertips, ready to be unleashed upon request.

Viper speed

“How did you finish it so quickly?!” colleagues exclaim in astonishment.

Mantis accuracy

Send those datelines flying! 

Round two: Wild opponent strikes! 

Somewhere far away, your enemy has been training for hundreds of years deep within the mountains, waiting for the perfect timing to strike – when you’re at your weakest. 2 day notice to prepare a presentation deck to be sent to all country directors? Three week notice to create a newsletter to be presented during a board meeting? What’s new dragon warrior.

Multiple opponent.jpg

Sigh. Now they’re coming in fleets. 

Kungfu style: Combination of Tigress power and Monkey agility

With little knowledge and familiarity, this could be a tricky opponent. If you already have a few counter moves in mind, make full use of them. Otherwise, a combination of power and agility is necessary. Now is not the time to find the best kungfu move to use – just fight. Full strength is required here, however whacking aimlessly is not recommended. Throw in the agility and speed you gained from the fights with your old enemy. If this is a race between who gets to the Scroll of Ultimate Kungfu Moves first, what you need is to find the fastest route to get there. In other words, streamline whatever processes you can.

Tigress power.gifSmash. Bam!

Round three: Inner Peace  

After being a dragon warrior for awhile, picking up multiple new kungfu styles and after fighting multiple new enemies, even new becomes old now. You should aim to get to the point where the time crunch does not affect you anymore. Attain inner peace amidst the chaos, as Master Shifu so wisely instructed his disciples.

Inner Peace - kungfu panda.gif

Kungfu style: Training from within 

The enemy here isn’t some external monster, but the internal drive to seek improvement.

Work isn’t always a mad rush, there are definitely days where the tasks are fewer and easier. Make sure that you continue training and building up your skill sets during such days. Improve on your previous designs, try out a new way of putting together a social media banner, do research on your industry. Collect as much knowledge and skills as you can so when the time comes to meet your next opponent, you can greet him with a smile.

Kungfu pushup.gif

At the end of the day, know that there is no one size fits all kungfu style to time management. The best warriors against time are those that find a style that suits them. Developing a personal work ethic can only come after many years of training, discipline, and experience. So fellow warriors, let’s waste no time and start building up our ability to be better and stronger in the workplace arena!


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Lee Si Qi

Si Qi a Geography undergraduate who stumbled into the world of marketing, where discovered the dark side of digital marketing. Completely enthralled by the dark side, she's currently on a mission for geographical domination in the digital space

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